About us

Learn about our story and how we work

ExamLearn is a Junior and Leaving Certificate website created to provide every secondary school student in Ireland with everything they need to tackle the exams. We offer detailed notes across a wide range of subjects, A-grade exam answers and essential study advice.

We also make it simple to find any exam paper, as well as any exam question by topic with our life-saving features. We believe that in order to learn you must be constantly testing yourself, so ExamLearn students can also test themselves with our e-quizzes after they study our content.

The goal at ExamLearn is to simplify the Junior Cert and Leaving Cert for all students. It is our mission to save students valuable time in their exam year and to allow any student achieve their maximum potential. We feel there is insufficient help online for Irish students so ExamLearn is here to combat this problem.

The ExamLearn founders are Jack Manning, Johnnie Bell and Eamonn Flannery, while the team also includes Gytis Daujotas and Oisin O’Duibhir. The e-learning space in Ireland is so far behind the rest of the world, but we are changing this.

Anything in life is possible once you put in the work. Every student is capable of truly getting high grades in the exams and, with the help of ExamLearn, there is no reason why they should not.