Your questions, answered.

Why use ExamLearn?

  • ExamLearn simplifies Irish state exams. It has everything every student needs to excel in their exams. It provides all the content they need to study from, quizzes they need to challenge themselves, and features they need like our ‘Exam Questions by Topic’ feature and personalized study timetable feature to enhance their learning experience.

  • It is by far the best study website online for the Junior and Leaving Cert, so join us and begin #examlearning.

Main Content

1. What is offered in the notes section?

  • The notes section includes all the notes you need on every single chapter and topic on all the subjects we have on our website. The section allows you to study all you need to know and be sure of achieving high grades.

  • The Study Notes section also includes expert study advice on the exam, study techniques and an overview of the topics.

2. Who has written the notes, exam answers and study tips?

  • All of the content on ExamLearn has been written by students who have got the highest marks in the country in both the Junior and Leaving Cert.

3. What is in the Exam Papers section?

  • The ‘Exam Papers’ feature includes a simple way to find every exam paper for all the subjects every year. It also includes the marking schemes, our A-grade personal exam answers and any other supplementary material (eg. Listening tests, OS maps etc.)

4. How do you know the exam answers are of ‘A’ standard?

  • The exam answers were completed by students who have received an A/H1 in that subject, so clearly they know exactly how to answer the questions on the paper. Everyone who created the content on ExamLearn is an expert in their chosen field.

5. What is the ‘Exam Topics’ feature?

  • The ‘Exam Topics’ feature has every exam question that appeared in each specific topic within all the subjects. Want to find all the questions that appeared on Robert Frost in the past 15 years? Simply use this feature to make your life easier today.

Pricing & Memberships

1. What is supplied if you sign up for the free 14-day membership deal?

  • You will receive notes, quizzes, exam answers and study tips on Junior Cert Geography and Science or Leaving Cert Irish and Business Studies. These subjects can often be regarded as subjects with quite a lengthy course, so we feel they are best suited for the free option as they can truly showcase the material we have on offer.

2. What is supplied even if I don't have a BASIC account?

  • You get access to our ‘Exam Topics’ and 'Exam Papers' feature - it is completely free! Even though this is one of the most helpful features that a student can avail of, we decided to offer it to everyone as it will inevitably push Irish education forward. This is our vision at the end of the day.

3. How much does the full membership option cost?

  • The full membership costs €39.99. In our opinion, this price is extremely cheap when you compare it to not only the price of actual grinds, but also to other study websites for the Junior and Leaving Certificate. When you take into account the high standard of the content and features we supply and the low price we are charging then we feel we are being very generous.

4. Will there be an increase in the cost in the coming months?

  • The cost of the website will inevitably increase with more students hopefully signing up coming up to the mock exams, and of course the Junior and Leaving Certificate. We definitely believe signing up early in the year would be a clever investment as you will save money, and you will have more time to benefit from our services before you begin the Junior and Leaving Certificate.

Future Plans

1. Will there soon be content on more Junior Certificate subjects (German, Spanish, music etc.)?

  • Yes, we are in the process of preparing material on at least four more Junior and Leaving Certificate subjects, and they will be up on the website in a couple of months at most.

2. Are there plans to increase the years of exam answers?

  • Yes, we are also in the process of doing this. We plan on doing four more years in each subject and finishing this by some stage this school year. We then plan on doing at least four more years of exam answers.

3. Is there going to be material added on ordinary level subjects?

  • We are going to complete material on at least four ordinary level subjects (maths, English, Irish and French). Our notes in most of our other subjects can cover both higher and ordinary level students, but we may begin ordinary level exam answers on these other subjects - certainly, we will complete notes and exam answers on the four main subjects mentioned above. Junior Cert Art and CSPE both have simply a ‘common level’ so there is no need to cater for either higher or ordinary level students with regards to those two subjects.

Main Content

1. What do I do if I have a problem with my account or a problem with the migration from JC-Learn or LC-Learn?

  • We're very sorry if you find you have a problem with your account. If you would be able to email us on info@examlearn.ie with a description of your situation and the email you signed up on we will be able to help you as soon as possible.